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The Sniveling Apologizers at MSNBC Don’t Represent Progressives

First, let me be clear that this is not intended for the hosts on MSNBC. It’s management that’s the issue. The way Phil Griffin has his hosts trot out for one apology after another is revolting. At least, he included himself in the genuflecting to the right-wing last time around. The whole display is pathetic.

Cenk Uygur’s Speech at The Conference to Restore the Republic 4/20/13 TRANSCRIPT

Watch Cenk’s Speech Here: Join the fight against money in politics: TRANSCRIPT provided by Juebong Khwarg First I view this as two issues here that I wanna discuss a little bit in my time. One is, are corporations people, and then two is amendment the right way to go. Let me just settle the first one in a minute. How …

Community Blog 11.13.12 – Get to Know Your Community Ambassador

TYT Army! To those of you with children… You know when you host your kid’s birthday party, you are constantly reminded that there are plenty of other children who behave far worse than yours? This bears no relevance to me, just thought I’d point that out. *** Hello! My name is Kimani Wallace David (pronounced Key-mah-knee, or for those of …