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  • TYT Hour 1 February 8, 2016

    TYT Hour 1 February 8, 2016

    Hillary Clinton continues to refuse to release the transcripts of her speeches to financial entities. Madeleine Albright’s anti-feminist comment in support of Clinton. Sanders’ supporters incendiary language. Ted Cruz dirty tricks in Texas. Trump “shushing” Jeb. A barrage of Twitter attacks by Trump. Rubio’s repeated, robotic talking point about Obama. Cenk and John Iadarolo hosting. Video of her saying she’ll... ...

  • TYT Post Game February 8, 2016

    TYT Post Game February 8, 2016

    Cenk and Hannah chat about Christian’s quads.  Hannah had to call the police on a crazy lady and with a child.  It took 45 minutes for police to get to the scene. The takeaway is don’t do drugs and don’t shoot people.... This content is available to paying members who support TYT Network Click to Support TYT    OR    Log In

  • GOP Debate 2/6/16 Wrap-up

    GOP Debate 2/6/16 Wrap-up

    The GOP debate in New Hampshire on February 6, 2016 was bizarre and entertaining from the very beginning. Trump is back. Christie smashes Rubio. Ben Carson is embarrassing himself. Jeb? TYT wraps it up. Sign up for TYT Membership to catch all of TYT’s election year coverage of debates, town halls, caucuses and elections. There is an alternative to conventional... ...