The Young Turks

  • TYT Hour 1 February 9, 2016

    TYT Hour 1 February 9, 2016

    Marco Rubio is malfunctioning and repeating once again. Rubio robot protestors get roughed up. Trump calls Cruz a pussy. Lawmakers avoid Flint water crisis to pass an anti-sodomy bill. Hillary’s defends her speeches to Goldman Sachs. Clinton’s counter-claims against Sanders. Wall Street Journal editorial against Sanders. Cenk Hosting. Video of his original repetitive moments at the GOP Debate on Saturday.... ...

  • TYT Hour 2 February 9, 2016

    TYT Hour 2 February 9, 2016

    After Warren Jeffs was arrested for having 2 underaged brides, it has been discovered that the local sheriffs were covering up for the Mormon leader. An Oregon truck driver crashed and spilled 11K salmon in the street. After he was tested for drunk driving and busted, he claimed he suffers from auto-brewery syndrome. This condition comes in people that naturally... ...

  • GOP Debate 2/6/16 Wrap-up

    GOP Debate 2/6/16 Wrap-up

    The GOP debate in New Hampshire on February 6, 2016 was bizarre and entertaining from the very beginning. Trump is back. Christie smashes Rubio. Ben Carson is embarrassing himself. Jeb? TYT wraps it up. Sign up for TYT Membership to catch all of TYT’s election year coverage of debates, town halls, caucuses and elections. There is an alternative to conventional... ...