The Young Turks

  • TYT Hour 1 February 11, 2016

    TYT Hour 1 February 11, 2016

    Remembering the Obama campaign promise not to play the game better, but to change the game. His rhetoric when running for President sounds like Bernie Sanders, but he appears to be favoring Hillary Clinton in an appearance in Springfield, IL. Cenk eviscerates Obama’s endorsement of Hillary. A simple thing Obama could do to clean up campaign finance by Executive Action,... ...

  • The Young Turks February 10, 2016 Post Game

    The Young Turks February 10, 2016 Post Game

    Cenk and Ana. Talk about Cenk’s bad bets in the Super Bowl. He talks about how he used to be very confident in some aspects, but was very shy when it came to women until he was 25 years old. He used the newfound confidence with women to date multiple women, even on Valentine’s Day. Cenk tells the story of... ...

  • Democrats Debate 2/11/16 Wrap-up

    Democrats Debate 2/11/16 Wrap-up

    Wrapping up the debate between Sanders and Clinton on February 11, 2016 in Wisconsin.... This content is available to paying members who support TYT Network Click to Support TYT    OR    Log In