Why Are Conservatives Upset About This Ad?



“An ad campaign for a product that stops snoring and claims to keep couples together is causing a stir. The campaign features a U.S. solider and a Muslim woman, ostensibly as an unlikely couple kept together by the anti-snoring product. On Monday, the panel guests on Fox News Channel’s The Kelly File debated over whether the advertisement was even controversial.

The ad features a real American soldier and his Muslim wife touting the benefits of this product. The ad was first rejected, but it has recently been approved and the couple is appearing in ads nationwide.

A spokesman for the pharmaceutical company behind the ads told Fox News Channel that the controversial campaign elicits an emotional reaction which drives interest in the product. “* The Young Turks hosts Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian break it down.

*Read more here from Noah Rothman / Mediaite:


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  1. txskeptic says:

    Totally misdirected controversy, and one the company may have intentionally engineered. Islam should not be the controversy, the issue should be that it is a homeopathic product and is thus a totally useless product. (See Tim Minchins beat poem ‘Storm’, or any serious real scientific exploration of homeopathy)
    Of course the company will be thrilled with this controversy – lots of free press coverage, and a total misdirection away from it’s efficacy, along with a buying spree spurned by the sympathetic backlash against the controversy.

    • txskeptic says:

      And no song & dance from the snoring crowd out there about dissing a potentially useful treatment…I was a big time, wake the dead snorer, and you know what fixes it? A properly prescribed CPAP machine, thats what. You’ll have to tear mine out of my cold dead hands, which is what I sleep like the since getting mine, sleep like the dead.

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