March 6, 2013 Hour 2

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A teacher at a San Diego Christian school was fired for having sex before marriage and getting pregnant, and replaced by her husband…the man that had sex with her and impregnated her.  A man dressed as Darth Vader went into a smoke shop with Storm Troopers to steal merchandise that they deemed illegal paraphernalia. Real Clear Politics proposed that America should give immigrants the chance to become a U.S. citizen for $50K.  It could either be paid outright, or it could be given as a loan that the new citizen has to pay for right out of their pay for a determined amount of time, turning them into indentured servants.

A couple paid over $20K for a surrogate to carry their 4th child that agreed to abort the child if anything was seriously wrong with the baby.  When it was discovered that the baby was going to have a multitude of problems, they called off the pregnancy, but the surrogate ended up not doing it because it is against her religion.  They offered her $10K to do it and she negotiated $15K instead.  To avoid being in breach of the contract, she fled to Michigan where the Connecticut contract wouldn’t be honored.  More drama ensued.  Audio of Adam Carolla going off about wealth and inequality among races in a discussion with Gavin Newsome.  Cenk addresses Carolla’s stupidity.

A YouTube video of a 16 year old religious girl’s spoken word poem, speaking out against homosexuality.  A group put out a parody anti-gay video.