March 6, 2013 Hour 1

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Rand Paul’s filibuster of Brennan nomination so that more answers can come out about the Obama Administration’s declaration that they can kill a U.S. citizen on American soil without a trial, arrest, or formal charge. Holder’s justifications.  Videos of Rand Paul going after Obama’s plan to have the power to kill Americans on without a trial.  Videos of the only Democrat that has joined Paul in filibustering.

More information from Bradley Manning’s leaks.  US is connected to Iraqi Torture centers and death squads.  Videos of the details of the horrors of the program as outlined in a documentary.

We spent $146 billion of Iraqi money and $60 billion of American money on Iraqi reconstruction that ended in nothing. Holder’s testimony about the sheer power of the large banks illustrates that he is aware that they are above the law. Cenk’s take on the death of Hugo Chavez.  Even though Venezuela had its serious issues, that many Americans call a hostile country, the inequality gap in America is more than 2x larger than that of Venezuela.  Apparently, after reading the play Les Mis, Chavez was inspired to give some confiscated property back to some poor citizens.  The interim president believes that Chavez was poisoned. Salon article here.
Chavez and Ahmadinejad article.