March 5, 2013 Hour 2

In Main Show, Membership by Kim Horcher4 Comments

The negative nature of biracial sex scenes in porn.  A man who dyed his poodle’s hair pink was approached and beaten by another man because he assumed this meant he was gay.  Carly Rae Jepsen pulled out of her performance for the Boy Scouts due to their anti-gay stance.

An advertiser on the UK branch of Amazon was selling “Keep Calm” shirts that include Rape Her, Hit Her, Stab Her, and many more violent phrases directed at women.  A FL high school student disarmed another that was brandishing a gun on the bus.  When questioned by the police, the good guy didn’t cooperate, and was suspended.  His mother later pointed out that he doesn’t believe in snitching.  The TSA has decided to allow small knives back onto airplanes, as well as other potentially dangerous items.  Iran is battling giant mutant rats.

Researchers claim that “beer goggles” are a myth.  John isn’t buying it.  Ana wonders if drinking makes people want sex more.  A tax on bicycle riders.