March 5, 2013 Hour 1

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Jeb Bush flipped for a 3rd time on pathway to citizenship.  Videos of his changes in opinion from one day to the next.  The story of Sen. Menendez’ alleged prostitution scandal in the Dominican Republic.  Videos of the prostitutes’ first claims and the editor of the Daily Caller being grilled by CNN over the validity of their report.

Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela died today at 58 years old. Iowa Republicans are proposing making divorce tougher since the institution ruins kids’ lives.  Rep. Ted Gassman spoke about why he’s doing this; he’s worried that his granddaughter will become promiscuous since his daughter and husband are getting divorced.  A pilot claims to have seen a drone at 1 am near JFK airport.  An artist in NYC is concerned about the drone issue, so he developed a metallic fabric that would prevent drones from monitoring people.

The FBI is worried about their ability to continue to investigate Wall St. fraud due to the sequestration cuts.  The fact that they haven’t touched Wall St. for their fraudulent actions when they did have more funding makes this assertion unbelievable.  Former U.S. drug chiefs are urging Obama to sue Colorado and Washington for legalizing marijuana so that the idea won’t spread.