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  1. SeanThePolitico says

    So the 2.11.13 episode is released on 2.21.13, and the Jimmy Dore Show is allegedly a weekly show but the only other episode listed is from December.

  2. Dardo says

    It’s a good thing I don’t get all of my Chris Christie news from Jimmy Dore, otherwise I would have no idea that massively cut the police and fire departments in New Jersey’s poorest and most crime-ridden cities, especially Newark and Camden, as the murder rates there break records. I would have no idea about the tax breaks for the top bracket and on corporations. In fact, if I had to vote for president in 2016 and Chris Christie was on the ballot, and Jimmy Dore was my only reference, my only concern would be whether he died in office. If I knew more about his policies, I would be most concerned with what he would do in office while still alive.

    • says

      Cenk has talked about all of those topics on the main show. Jimmy isn’t trying to give you knowledge about politicians and sway you to vote for them or not. He’s making an assumption that the audience already has some basic knowledge of politics and then telling jokes based on that assumption…

      • okieprog says

        exactly. it seems likely that anyone who watches the jd show on tyt network also watches/listens to tyt. the above criticism of jd and his content seems very misplaced. also, let’s stop with these pointless straw man arguments in general… the idiot politicians in washington use that fallacy far enough as it is, we don’t need tyt commenters to come up with these hypothetical scenarios in which the commenter lives in a cave with only access to the jd show and a 2016 presidential ballot. it gets us know where and is overall a waste of time. perhaps spend some time coming up with valid critics of valid concerns?

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