Keeping Members Informed 02.07.13

Hour 2 will go up first today, Hour 1 will go up when Hour 2 usually goes up.

The Live Stream is now playing clips from all our network shows and the full show.

If you enjoy having links in the member content posts, thank Irina for making that happen, she put extra time in and added them.

How can you thank Irina?

Tweet @jayarjackson and tell him to thank Irina for the links. (She doesn’t have a twitter but Jayar sits next to her).



    • Mark Register says

      Go to, login, click on the show you want to see, click on “download video” you can also do apple airplay and watch it on your tv if you have an apple tv.

  1. RinKanMa says

    My dream scenario is this: Shows, Membership, About, Upload, Live, Forum, Archive, Status(Keeping members informed). Let us whisper of a dream…

    Love the new improvements though!

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