Keeping Members Informed 01.28.13

Good evening members,

Kimani has moved on to pursue other goals.
I am now in charge of listening to your concerns, posting member’s content, and informing you of what’s happening.

What’s happening:

  1. v2.0 of the site is going up mid-late February. Dave and our developer have been working very hard on this and they have addressed a number of your concerns. Things I know about the site so far: The site will have a forum & member’s content will be easier to navigate.
  2. TYT Archive will be going up one show at a time Monday – Friday. I am ingesting, editing, encoding, uploading, and posting old shows into our new system from CDs, DVDs, and LTO tapes. It is a time consuming task, please be patient.
  3. Any announcements and changes will be in this post “Keeping Member’s Informed” at the top of the blog feed.

I want to share the moment I realized I wasn’t working for a good guy with a solid team, I was working for a great leader with an organized army behind him:

“…as we do this segment ‘what would Jesus do,’ morality is a shifting thing. I was able to take that tough stance, why? For the same reason that I was able to get onto MSNBC in the first place, you guys. Because I have the TYT army behind me. I got a show that’s sittin here at half a billion views, up to a million views a day and that’s because of you guys. So I can come back here and do exactly the kind of show I wanna do and kick ass and give you the actual truth and take it to power. And let them know they’re not coming for me I’m coming for them, and that’s because of you guys. The first time I got the MSNBC job was because of you guys, you wrote in the letters, emails, etc. and I can’t thank you enough for that. Power is very strong and tends to have some degree of influence in our media but here at The Young Turks we’re gonna fight back against that.”

Thank you for giving your time and your resources to support The Young Turks.

While I am in this position I will give you my time and my resources to support you, the members, the TYT Army.

If you have a TYT Army moment that you would like to share please do so in the comments below.

-Mark Register


      • Landbeyond says

        Thanks. That’s good to hear. But I have to wonder if it’s really impossible to have a, you know, picture on the screen, preferably a moving one, and in sync with the audio. Probably not your area, but the impression is that no one there is really bothered what’s showing – or not.

  1. says

    Good update! I’ve been a member for about 2 years or so, and I don’t think any of the problems with the site were anything too unforgivable. I’m sure it’s a lot of work! Thanks for all the time put in.

  2. akai454 says

    Malfunction of the TYTLivestream “Likes” counter , It used to be Reset or Refreshed every day , but since Kimani left it hasn’t been reset and it doesn’t re-count the “Like” that I give every day , I’d espect that may mess with some kind of Rating System for You Guys on YouTube because it’s ignoring every One else’s “Like” clicks too . KYLE

  3. skshadwe says

    Keep it real – the last few months have been weak sauce, to say the least, for the website, although actual content has been as sweet as ever. Of course I’m die hard TYT, but I was as close as another member to thinking you should re-label your site to “The Young Ass Clowns” while these problems persisted. I too appreciate Mark and Cenk acknowledging issues and staying on top to address them, and I look forward to staying a member in times good and to staying a member in times bad.

    That being said, I do have a question relating to some of the other comments in this post. I pay for membership via Paypal I think. The last time my card linked to Paypal expired, I had to resubscribe to TYT with a new card / Paypal info. Do I lose my membership # if that ever happens? Am I given a new number in that case? If so, how can I avoid it and keep “my place in line” as lame as that might sound.

    I take pride in supporting you guys and am just curious in a little more info on how this kind of thing works, and it seems others might be as well.

    • Mark Register says

      I told everyone in the office about “The Young Ass Clowns” and everyone approved the name change.
      Happy to have you on board :)

      I have you as member #1504.
      Email us and let us know your number and your plans so we can manually change it.


      • skshadwe says

        YES! I thought I was #1987. I will contact you all before my Paypal updates, and if your efforts on the new site work out as well, I’ll up my support too. Release that Kraken, and I the last thing I’ll say is that the soundboard on the show has been at a 2 for a while and it really needs to be at a 10 from time to time. Thanks again for the reply.

  4. anubis says

    Hey Mark,

    I asked Kimani about this a few times but I always got the brush off. For some reason I can’t access any of the videos on the website (it started about 3 months ago). I am a paying member and I am up to date but when I click a video the website acts like I am not a member (it kicks me over to the “become a member for 10 or 25 dollars” screen). It is very frustrating because now itunes is acting up so I can’t even download the show. I haven’t heard an episode since last Wednesday. Please help, I’m having TYT withdrawals.

    • reba says

      I’ve had the same thing happen to me. You have to log in first. If you are logged in and it is still happening, you have to clear your browsing history and then the first time you visit the page, LOG IN FIRST. Do not click on any videos until you log in. If that doesn’t help you, you must have a different problem and hopefully someone at TYT can help. I’m just a fellow member.

    • Mark Register says

      I don’t have you listed as a member.
      Have you been charged for subscription these last three months?
      Did you sign up under the old site or the new site?

      • Zero34 says

        wasn’t everyone required to re-create their membership when the newsite happened??

        and would he even be seeing the video link if he wasn’t a member?

        i’m only asking, cause i know of two others having these issues, they just haven’t gottena round to emailing about it for help.

      • anubis says

        Holy Shit Mark, you’re right! Paypal cancelled my subscription 3 months ago. I thought I was up to date because I was still able to download the podcast on itunes. Alright, going to re-sign up again. Thanks for your help and the quickness of your reply.

          • Zero34 says

            so how is it people were/are able to download podcasts? additionally, in my previous comment, i was asking about the sign up, were users not forced into a new signup process? seems i recall that’s how i had to do mine.

            • Mark Register says

              Member or free podcasts?

              As for the sign up process during the transition to the new site we wanted everyone to convert to the new system but we ended up having to keep both the old database and the new database so there are some people who are on the old system.

  5. Jayde530129 says

    Thank you for the update – your message & Cenk’s video keeping the loyal members informs is always appreciated! Thanks for continuing to work hard – I cant wait to see the next updates.


  6. shellyleit says

    Great news that member content will be more easy to find and navigate. It will be great to see old shows listed here too. I missed most of them, prior to about 2 years ago when I fell on my head and became a “fan”.

    Good luck on whatever you do Kimani.

  7. qumlarea says

    I really like this keeping members informed. I dont usually comment, but great job glad to have some feedback from the TYT team the TYT army seems to be thankful for it and as one of them so am I.

  8. insomniac says

    Can’t wait for Site 2.0 (though I thought this was the 2nd site, so surely its 3.0? or 2.5? 2.1?) Also thank you so much for getting back onto the archives, with the 5 minute post games (which I really hope get longer once Cenk has left current and has a little more time) the archives where why I became a memeber. And shows from 2006! Awesome! Mark > Kimani.

  9. TrooperChunks says

    Really if you update us like a twitter feed, seeing updates on the member log in page makes a huge difference.. Maybe a few trolls would disappear.

    Big fan!! Hope you’re ready for some hard work ahead dude!

  10. ljw says

    I’ve been vocal when I felt things were going wrong. I’d like to be vocal here when things seem to be going right. I hope the Feb. turnover to v2.0 goes smoothly and I truely hope to not be commenting about things in the future.

    Good Job!

    Please add these things to the bottom of your to do list.

    1. Access to member numbers. Dave didn’t want to hand out member numbers, which I understood. They’re not fixed and I’m assuming it’s a pain in the ass to dig them out. I’m gunning for #1

    2. I want to play Call of Duty Black Ops 2 with Wes Clark. Make that happen!

  11. wanderer says

    I know this is petty, but Kimani just got on my last damn nerve.

    Any time he wrote pretty much anything but definitely any time he was on the show as well. He was just too snotty to be the guy that is supposed to be doing PR type relations.

    I don’t wish him any ill will but I’m not sad to hear he is moving on.

  12. Landbeyond says

    Mark, before going any further, can you fix the apostrophe in “Keeping Member’s Informed”? It sticks out like a sore thumb.
    Thanks and good luck.
    Oh, and I second the suggestion for using Disqus.

  13. Duomaxwe says

    It’s good that Kimani is gone, he always rubbed the wrong way, I even twittered Steve Oh about it months ago, but of course I was ignored at the time.

    Also glad to see incompetent people are able to get fired at TYT, that doesn’t normally happen.

  14. says

    Mark, you’ve been awesome this last week. It’s great to know what’s going on explicitly like this, we especially appreciate Cenk’s video on Friday.

    Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the TYT Army.

    Looking forward to site 2.0 and the forums.

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