TYT 1.25.13 Hour 2

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Segment 1
Ana joins Cenk and Wes for SCS.  Germany is saying that the internet is not only a necessity, but an essential part of life.  This statement was sparked by a case between a customer and a cable provider.  Cenk thinks this is a bit overblown.  A Catholic healthcare provider has conceded that a fetus does not equal a human.  A hospital that was responsible for the death of a set of twins about to be born suddenly declared that they weren’t humans.

Segment 2
The percentage of pregnancies of women in the military is much higher than regular American citizens.  This is due to a contraception issue and the high rate of military rape.  Women are striking back against these revenge porn websites.  Two male hosts in the Netherlands decided to go through an experiment that simulated birth for women.  Ageism among men and women in different career fields.  A 37 year old woman wrote about how absolutely awesome it is to be 37 rather than something else.

Segment 3
A photographer took some artistic pictures of real prostitutes at the brothel they work at in Nevada.  Cenk wonders why brothels aren’t more upscale looking.