TYT 1.25.13 Hour 1

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Segment 1
Cenk, John Iadarola, and Wes Clark Jr hosting.  The lackluster filibuster reform that changed nothing significant in the way Congress operates.  Obama has a new chief of staff, Denis McDonough.  Conversation about the conservative nature of Obama.  Mary Jo White will be appointed the new head of the SEC.  The NYT claimed that Obama is sending a signal that they will be holding Wall St accountable with this pick.  In reality, she has spoken very sympathetically about the banks and their illegal activity.

Segment 2
There is a conviction in relation to the enhanced interrogation case.  It just happens to be the whistleblower on the activity.  Cenk rants about Obama’s propensity to look backwards on the powerless, but protect the powerful that break the law.  The debate over allowing women to serve on the front lines continues.  Sen Inhofe wants to introduce legislation to stop it.  Videos of Joe Scarborough’s thoughts on women serving next to women and their power to do so.  The Mississippi legislature is proposing to have the power to review and supercede federal law, declaring their sovereignty.