TYT 1.24.13 Hour 2

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Hour 2
Segment 1
A new bill in NM would criminalize abortions of rape cases, as tampering with evidence.  Exemptions of the NY soda ban.  The NAACP and Hispanic Federation have come out against this due to the pain it will cause small businesses that would be affected.  Despite the fact that big companies like Coca-Cola have put their weight against this as well, the head of the NYC NAACP boldly declared that its not the case.  The Sierra Club has reversed its stance on civil disobedience and wants action taken on climate change.  They will be planning a huge rally to protest the Keystone Pipeline.  The UN has gotten a treaty passed to control mercury pollution and its spread.

Segment 2
An artist made a ring that uses his own skin to make it unique.  He took the piece of skin from his stomach, including the hair and is selling the piece for $470K.  A man in Florida defecated, masturbated, and destroyed the vacuum in a house he broke into.  The Italian mafia in Italy has violently infiltrated Sicily’s renewable energy to make money off of the green industry.  Dangerous BPA in plastics and their long-term consequences for men’s reproductive systems.