TYT 1.24.13 Hour 1

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Segment 1
John Iadarola, Desi Doyle, and Lissette Padilla of TheLip.Tv are hosting today.  The filibuster rule change ended up being very minimal.  The UN is investigating our drone program, but no one is sure that anything will come of it.  The continuing drama around the dramatic exchange between Hillary Clinton and Sen Ron Johnson at the Benghazi hearings.  On CNN today, Johnson denied that he claimed Clinton cried in order to get off the hook.  Video of John Kerry being interrupted by an anti-war heckler.

Segment 2
Virginia’s electoral college vote system is drastically being changed from the winner-take-all system.  Talk about the many ways Republicans are trying to change the system since less people are buying into their unpopular views.  Dianne Feinstein has introduced a serious gun control bill today.  Video of Joe Biden telling the doomsday preppers that having a shotgun is safer than having an assault rifle.

Segment 3
Former Congressman Allen West lashed out to Twitter and Facebook about women being allowed to serve on the front lines.  Bobby Jindal’s advice for Republicans if they ever want to win again.