TYT 1.23.13 Hour 2

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Hour 2
Segment 1
Ana joins Cenk for SCS.  Women have been allowed to fight on the front lines in combat.  It has been discovered that Australia has tons of oil.  Mississippi celebrates Robert E. Lee on MLK’s birthday since Lee’s birthday was near the same day.  Due to Moroccan law, a young woman that was raped was forced to marry her rapist.  The marriage was extremely abusive and ended in her suicide, so the country has decided to change this law.

Segment 2
About 1000 Chinese factory workers have fought back against the factory owners over the harsh bathroom break rules.  The liberal party in Japan was caught saying disparaging things about the elderly population there, hoping they would just hurry up and die off since they’re sucking a lot out of the economy.  Due to China’s one child policy, there is an abundance of single men, so there is more pressure on young women to get married.  Propaganda campaign to pressure them is calling them “Leftover Women.”  Nepal changed its laws and now allows people to leave off a gender to their identifications due to the transgender community.  A woman is suing Match.com for hooking her up with an attempted murderer that tried to kill her.  He was later arrested for killing an elderly woman.  TYT Supreme Court.