TYT 1.23.13 Hour 1

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Segment 1
Cenk hosting today.  Videos of Hillary Clinton being grilled by Republicans, like McCain and Rand Paul on Benghazi including her fiery response to Sen Ron Johnson.  In a rare development, the Republicans have caved on the debt limit fight and raised the ceiling until May 18th.  This date is after a few other battles they will have to engage in with Democrats.  Video of Harry Reid complementing Boehner and Republicans for raising the limit.  Video of Boehner telling a group of funders that Obama is looking to annihilate the Republican Party.  Boehner also spoke about how he had to talk Lou Holtz off of a cliff from depression over the Republican Party losing.

Segment 2
Public support for universal background checks for gun purchases is extremely high, at 92%.  Several prominent Republicans were asked about their stance on this after hearing the overwhelming poll numbers, and they all stumbled over their non answers.  Despite these numbers, Harry Reid admitted that the bill may not be what everybody wants.  A SC state senator’s idea instead of gun control is to teach school aged children how to shoot.  Video of Rep Lankford blaming welfare moms for medicating their kids, turning them into these dangerous shooters.  It was obvious that he was hinting at minorities being the scary people with guns.  Video of Dr. Ablow speculating that Obama is for gun control because he was abandoned by parents.

Segment 3
Morgan Stanley had info on the house of cards that was the housing market before it crashed, and used it to make more money off of on the backs of others.