TYT 1.22.13 Hour 1

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Segment 1
Inauguration stories.  Beyonce lip synching.  George Stephanopoulos mistakes Bill Russell for Morgan Freeman, and Al Roker’s “interview” with the President.  Michelle Obama eye roll.  Republicans criticizing Obama for a liberal speech.  Bill O’Reilly criticizes Obama for trying to impose social justice.  Video of Peter King complaining that Obama was being too liberal.  Historical facts about inauguration.

Segment 2
Aaron Swartz.  Video of father’s speech who said government killed his son. John Cornyn wrote a letter questioning the Department of Justice.  Link between Swartz and Bradley Manning case.

Segment 3
Another day another shooting, at a college in Houston TX with three wounded.  VIDEO of Shepherd Smith and gun control.  Cenk rant on the popularity of gun control and guns.  Mitch McConnell campaign letter.  Cenk calls out the double standard about Obama not being friendly when McConnell writes this unfriendly letter.  Debunking the studies that postulate a causal relationship between video game violence and gun violence.

Segment 4
Amgen lobbying story and the provision in the fiscal cliff bill that protects them.  Amgen has a lobbying team embedded in the government.