TYT 1.21.13 Hour 1

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Monday, January 21, 2013
Hour 1
Segment 1
Cenk hosting today.  President Obama’s 2nd Inauguration.  Cenk goes over some of the highlights of his speech.  Cenk speculates that Obama reached out to gay Americans because of their heavy fundraising efforts from members of the gay community.  Video of Obama taking one more look at the tons of people in front of him as he left the stage.  Cenk is being a jerk about this.  Some people thought Beyonce was trying to upstage the President from the way she approached the mic to sing the National Anthem.  Drama around the figures that didn’t show up to the Inauguration.  At a lunch with the Boehners sitting right next to them, Michelle Obama rolled her eyes at the comments John Boehner had with President Obama.

Segment 2
Videos of Cornell West talking about how annoyed he was that Obama would be swearing in on MLK’s Bible.  Cenk highlights the differences between Obama and MLK’s crusade for peace with some quotes from King.  Lupe Fiasco performed at an Inaugural event the other day, and performed a song that was anti-Obama, anti-war.  The continuing performance had him ushered off stage by the event’s security.  Tweets from the organizers and reporters on the scene explained why he got kicked out in slightly different terms.

Segment 3
The head of a Bulgarian Party was approached by a gunman that appeared to misfire before he was mauled by a bunch of security.  Cenk translates some of the curses that the Turkish guys were throwing around as they beat the assailant.  Some believe that this assassination attempt was set up to carry favor for the Party.  There were many, many gun shows for Gun Appreciation Day.  It turns out there were 3 shootings at these shows, injuring 5 people.  A few were shot at “The Safety Check-In.”  Details of the Algerian hostage situation.