TYT 1.18.13 Hour 2

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Segment 1
SCS hour with John, Jimmy, and Cara.  Study shows that more people don’t believe in conspiracy theories when they are up to date on real current events.  The view of reality doesn’t work this way with Conservatives, though.  The more they know, the more they believe in conspiracy theories.  A piece in favor of Scientology in the Atlantic was posed as an editorial, but was actually a sponsored one written by the Church.  Bill O’Reilly had comments about the evils of the internet…those machines!

Segment 2
A man has a life-edited apartment.  A Monseigneur was arrested for trying to sell meth to police officers, multiple times.  He also owns a sex shop that was used to launder the money.  His superiors were ok with the sex shop, but got rid of him after they found out about the meth.  A vaccine for HIV has been created.  Video of Cara Santa Maria’s video about this.  Salon.com article about how religion might not survive the internet.