TYT 1.18.13 Hour 1

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Hour 1
Segment 1
John Iadarola, Jimmy Dore, and Cara Santa Maria hosting.  Update on the hostage situation in Algeria.  Algerian Special forces stormed the complex where the hostages were being held, releasing 650 of them.  Leon Panetta’s statement was very American-Centric, despite the fact that Algerian special forces are the ones that moved in and made it happen.  Sen John Cornyn and Republicans have admitted that they will raise the debt ceiling; that their previous defiance was just a bargaining tactic.  Video of the four kids’ letters written to Obama, begging for gun control.  The crazed manner in which gun control opposition has attacked the potential legislation.

Segment 2
The NRA’s chief lobbyist sent out a ridiculous newsletter to its members, claiming that Obama wants to take their guns away.  It also asks for more money after scaring the hell out of them.  Video of NRA’s ad calling Obama a hypocrite for allowing armed security for his daughters at school.  Video of Chris Christie calling the ad reprehensible.  Cara thinks Christie speaks his mind, but Jimmy thinks Christie is a fake.  Rush Limbaugh’s remedy to end abortion is to make them be done with guns, so that when we outlaw guns, there will be no more abortion.