TYT 1.17.13 Hour 2

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Segment 2
The man behind the film Two Girls, One Cup, has been sentenced to 4 years for violating obscenity laws.  A software company outsourced his developer job to a Chinese worker for a fraction of his salary.  The worker did so well, that the U.S. employee simply surfed the internet all day while he was given the best reviews for his work, done by the Chinese worker.  1 in 5 women in S Korea undergo plastic surgery, and a Tumblr account is dedicated to the results.

Segment 3
A Fujitisu phone, popular with cheating men in Japan, hides certain contacts’ phone numbers and correspondence.  The medical procedure of transplanting fecal matter from one person to a sick one cured 3 times as many, compared to people that took antibiotics alone.  WalMart is trying to clean up their image, so they plan to spend $50 billion over 10 years on products made here in the U.S.  The part that isn’t being conveyed is that they make about $400 billion/year.