TYT 1.17.13 Hour 1

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Thursday, January 17, 2013
Hour 1
Segment 1
Cenk hosting today.  Latest surrounding the fight over gun control and Obama’s 28 executive orders to get the ball rolling.  Many of his orders are completely benign and reasonable.  Videos of Hannity espousing falsehoods about how power hungry Obama is.  Video of Rand Paul’s concerns about Obama being king the way FDR must’ve wanted to.  The labelling of Obama as a king is the latest Conservative talking point.  Several politicians and state legislators are speaking out adamantly against enforcing the federal laws that may be put in place to limit gun deaths.  Videos of Texas lawmaker Steve Toth vowing to push back against the federal government.  Rick Perry said that its disgusting for Dems to use the massacre of kids to pass a political agenda.

Segment 2
The government is going after Bradley Manning for a life sentence for releasing information “to the enemy,” which in this case is the American public.  Bob Woodward actually released more classified information than Manning ever did, but has never been accused or pursued.  A community college in NC looks to have Islamic materials so that it can be taught, which appalled Walter Jones, a NC Congressman.  Outrage over the suicide of Aaron Swartz is building due to the needless pursuit of the government to prosecute him.

Segment 3
The Climate Cliff that we’re dealing with.  Beijing’s smog numbers are at 700, when 300 is considered horrific.  An assessment committee determined that dramatic climate changes have taken effect.  Videos of David Keene, president of the NRA, claiming that terrorists don’t buy guns.