TYT 1.15.13 Hour 1

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013
Hour 1
Segment 1
Cenk and David Sirota hosting.  Video of Harry Reid illustrating that gun control won’t be very strong since the GOP controlled House won’t let anything through.  Talk about how the media speaks for the politicians in power.  Video of former Reagan Atty General Edwin Meese claiming that Obama’s plan to institute gun control with executive action would be impeachable.  Other Republicans are already threatening impeachment.

Segment 2
Glenn Beck has decided to reinvent his website “The Blaze” as a global news network with 3 foreign bureaus.  He claims he will also launch a $2 billion Libertarian commune.  Cenk predicts that once this cult full of Libertarians disagrees about the rules, they will take their mandatory AR-15s and shoot each other.

Segment 3
The latest scam banks have been running on homeowners is Zombie Titles. They tell the customers that they’re foreclosing on their house, kick them out, but change their mind without notifying the customer.  After years pass, they come back to the homeowner and charge them all of the exorbitant fees that have been wrongfully building up as if they were still in the house and not paying.  One foreclosed man was arrested after a tax lien was put on him and passed to a debt collector.