TYT 1.14.13 Hour 1

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Monday, January 14, 2013
Hour 1
Segment 1
Cenk hosting today.  Aaron Swartz, one of the founders of Reddit and helped create the RSS feed, has been found dead after he committed suicide.  His family and friends say that he was the target of an enormous federal investigation due to him uploading academic papers from JSTOR at MIT.  The gov’t charged him with violating the computer fraud act where he’d face 50 years.  Cenk is upset that since the government is afraid of people that are better at them at computer technology, they go on witch hunts to destroy & silence them.  Cenk compares this benign crime with serious ones that don’t require anything close to 50 years in prison.

Segment 2
Fox & Friends speculates that the Academy Awards are punishing “Pro-American” movies.  In reality, both Argo and Zero Dark Thirty are up for Best Picture.  Video of Paul Krugman calling out Jon Stewart for making fun of the “trillion dollar coin” without knowing the full story on it.

Segment 3
Video of Frank Luntz admitting that Americans actually don’t care about the size of government, so the language of “smaller government” doesn’t work with convincing people.  Video of Ed Rendell and Bill Burton minimizing the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, simply blowing them off along with Bernie Sanders.  Video of Colin Powell pointing out the dark, racist part of the Republican Party that doesn’t respect minorities.  Notice that although Obama is working hard on numerous issues, the jobless issue has been neglected.