TYT 1.10.13 Hour 1

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Hour 1
Segment 1
Michael Shure and Jimmy Dore. Jacob Lew nominated as Secretary of the Treasury. Senator Jeff Sessions reaction. Bernie Sanders reaction. Why does Obama coddle Wall Street? How does Lew compare to Geithner or other possible candidates?

Segment 2
Michael explains that Alex Jones didn’t come on the CurrentTV show. Gun control Task Force. VIDEO of Joe Biden talking about gun control. VIDEO of Biden talking about executive orders. Jimmy Dore worries that if Obama leads on gun control it might cause Republicans to take more power in the next election. Discussion of the morality of using guns to fight corrupt banking practices, like foreclosures.

Segment 3
Pastor Louis Giglio was supposed to be the pastor at Obama’s inauguration but he said anti-gay things 15 years ago. The $1 trillion coin solution for the debt ceiling crisis. Barney Frank speaking up for himself to say he wants to be appointed to the open Senate seat in Massachusetts.