TYT 1.9.13 Hour 1

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Hour 1
Segment 1
Cenk hosting today. Wolf PAC has scored its first victory as a Texas State Rep has been convinced by a member of the Wolf PAC volunteer to introduce a bill for a Constitutional Convention to eliminate corp money from politics. President Obama is going to nominate Jack Lew as Treasury Secretary to replace Tim Geithner. Some Republicans are opposing this nomination, too. Reasons Progressives would be against Lew is based in his history of union busting at NYU, his handling of CitiGroup up until their crash. Video of Lew talking about his belief that deregulation wasn’t the cause of the collapse of the big banks.

Segment 2
The Democratic Congressional committee gives the new incoming Reps a schedule of what they need to do once at work. A large portion of the schedule is focused around meeting with donors and raising money. They consider it self-indulgent to do the work of the people when they could be raising money. The ones that get the best donors are also granted the best committee positions, etc. A piece in The Atlantic detailed the corrupt system that banks engage in accounting. They created “Special Purpose Entities” in order to run their scams off the books. The outstanding numbers these banks deal in derivatives is enough to absolutely destroy the U.S. economy.

Segment 3
Dick Cheney’s former company’s subsidiary, KBR, got billions of dollars worth of contracts that were coordinated with Cheney’s office. It has been discovered that they were using toxic substances around our troops that poisoned & killed many of them. These chemicals were being used to make sure the pipes that carried the oil didn’t corrode easily.