TYT 1.8.13 Hour 2

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Hour 2
Segment 1
Ana joins Cenk for SCS. Story of a family’s home that was destroyed in Sandy, and their insurance company found a way to not give them their money. Last year now holds the record for the hottest year on record. All of the media’s Sunday shows spent a total of 8 min on climate change for the entire year. These shows never once spoke to a scientist about global warming, and only spoke to Republicans. Cloud brightening is a tactic being developed that would take some of the heat off of the earth, reflecting more rays back to the sun.

Segment 2
Paparazzi took pictures of the Obama daughters while the family was on vacation. After being confronted by Secret Service but not confiscated, he tried releasing them until they told him not to. Cenk pardons everyone involved. Ana runs down the luxuriousness of the Obama vacation and compares it to the quaint lifestyle the President of Uruguay lives. Al Roker told NBC News that because of his bypass surgery, he accidentally pooped in his pants while walking in the White House. Cenk and Ana talk about how much they like that he told this disgusting story. A newly released from prison, 85 year old ex governor is getting a reality show that follows him and his 34 year old wife.