TYT 1.7.13 Hour 2

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Hour 2
Segment 1
Ana joins Cenk for SCS. Rex Ryan was seen with a tattoo of his wife wearing only a Mark Sanchez jersey. Article about how lead could’ve played a role in the rise of violence in this country. It apparently has a negative impact on brain development. Latest on the rapists in India. Some are calling for the defendants to not have representation. A religious leader spoke about how he thinks the woman raped and killed should have pleaded with her attackers in the name of God. California appeals court has overturned the rape conviction of a man that entered a woman’s room and had sex with her as she thought it was her boyfriend. The conviction was overturned b/c it was a boyfriend relationship and not her husband.

Segment 2
TYT has won a video Podcast Award! A province in Indonesia has banned women riding motorcycles that they straddle. A company is developing a product that will allow people to drain/pump their stomach after eating. A restaurant owner has offered customers 5% off of their meal if they drop off their cell phones before eating.