TYT 1.3.13 Hour 1

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Kimani’s quote of the day: “I would rather the man who presents something for my consideration subject me to a zephyr of truth and a gentle breeze of responsibility rather than blow me down with a curtain of hot wind.” ~ Grover Cleveland

Hour 1
Segment 1
Cenk hosting today. Despite Boehner’s 29% approval rating while leading a Congress at 5% approval rating, he was re-elected as Speaker. 12 Republicans voted against Boehner, voting for comical replacements like recently ousted Rep Allen West. Cenk explains how bragging about a split Republican caucus means nothing, but an agreeable Democratic caucus means more results for Republicans. After Peter King’s open bashing of Boehner yesterday for not voting on Sandy relief, he came out today, back in his good graces. Cenk points out that Boehner folded immediately for King, but continues to be stubborn against Obama.
Segment 2
Video of Darryl Issa joking with Wolf Blitzer about the NYE vote in the Congress, but Wolf didn’t get the obvious joke. The amazing cost of lobbying Congress. Video explaining the demands some of the top CEOs of huge corporations to Obama and other Dems in negotiating. One rich guy threatened to hold onto his charitable donations if he’s not given more tax cuts. Republicans are also holding up the Violence Against Women Act, due to the protections for Native American women and lesbians. They are specifically against Native Americans getting justice.
Segment 3
Michelle Bachmann started off the 113th Congress today by introducing legislation to repeal ObamaCare in its entirety. This same old repetitive process wastes time and tons of money. Despite the several problems Obama had with the Defense Auth Act, like the Gitmo provision, he signed the bill anyway. This has been his M.O. on multiple issues. Obama is also doing more renditions on prisoners than under President Bush. The White House acknowledges that Anwar Al-Awlaki & his son have been killed via drone strike, but claim that the reasoning is top secret information.