TYT 1.2.13 Hour 2

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Hour 2
Segment 1
Ana joins Cenk for SCS. Update on the Steubenville HS rape case that Anonymous has gotten involved in. Ana lists some of the craziest new laws going into effect in 2013. Strip Club tax, computer driven cars, and a ban on plastic bottles. One Wall St escort wrote about her experiences with her banker clientele. A State Senator went on a rant against Kwanzaa in being paranoid about White Liberals pushing it to take over Santa.

Segment 2
Kanye and Kim Kardashian are going to have a baby, and they are already getting huge offers for rights over the pictures of the baby. Cenk doesn’t get Keeping Up with the Kardashians. After Ann Curry was replaced on the Today Show due to lack of ratings, the numbers haven’t jumped back up yet. Miley Cyrus spoke positively about the freedom of gays and the right to gay marriage in London.