TYT 1.3.13 Hour 2

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Hour 2
Segment 1
Ana joins Cenk. 5 men have been charged with the brutal rape in India, that killed the female victim. Politicians are responding to the outrage and are going for the death penalty or castration. The justice system for rape cases is currently horrific. The U.S. Navy put out a PSA to discourage members of the military from using bath salts. Some marijuana clubs are popping up in Colorado now that its legal. One charges patrons $30 to come into the club and smoke. Teenagers in Cali are in trouble for slipping sleeping aids in their parents milkshakes to put them to sleep so that they can use the internet past the normal 10pm deadline.

Segment 2
A man offered a lesbian couple his sperm donation for free to have the child that they wanted. Years later, when the couple ran into financial trouble, they came after the donor for child support and they won. Since he donated his sperm without a physician, he’s on the hook. Researchers have discovered that the tons of antibiotics pumped into the animals we eat make them fat, and in return, makes us fat. Hanna Storm has returned to work after suffering horrific burns due to a propane gas accident. Cenk takes this story as a good reason to not cook. Teenagers in Thailand is wearing braces that they don’t need for a status symbol. The worst part is that since they’re sold on the black market, they come off in the night causing some people to choke and die while sleeping.