TYT 12.28.12 Hour 1

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Hour 1
Segment 1
Cenk, Ben and Iadarola. Most under-reported story of the year was Roger Ailes trying to convince Petraeus to run for President. Sound tape of Petraeus talking about Murdoch bankrolling it and Ailes running it. David Sirota and Don Lemon talking about racial angle to the mass shootings. New shooting inside a police station debunks the argument that there won’t be shootings in places where everybody has guns. Cornell West comments that there isn’t equal coverage when black or people of color die.

Segment 2
Rick Santelli on CNBC talking about fiscal cliff and screaming. Story about how going over the fiscal cliff might cause some millionaires to die due to increase in estate tax.

Segment 3
FISA reauthorized without the amendments that protect individual rights. Quotes from Merkley and Wyden who oppose the invasion of privacy. Rand Paul is good on this issue. Diane Feinstein speaking a good game against FISA but not doing enough. Appeals to national security are nonsense. Those who claim to support the Constitution are quick to violate the 4th Amendment. Piers Morgan, 2nd Amendment, and now targeting the religious in an interview with Rick Warren. Amend the Bible.