TYT 12.27.12 Hour 2

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Segment 1
Cenk and Ana hosting. New York City about to privatize street meter parking. Cenk returns to Chuck Hagel, and how Thomas Friedman supports him. Cenk predicts that Obama will follow David Brooks, if Brooks states his position on Chuck Hagel. Study of how much bang for the buck actors bring in to the movies. Serena Williams responds to the Wozniacki kerfluffle.

Segment 2
Ana searching sloth videos on YouTube. Westboro Baptist Church and the tax exemption for religious organizations. Fox has labeled Westboro as a leftist group. Archeologists in Mexico discover burial ground with cone heads that look like aliens.

Segment 3
Dental assistant fired for being too sexy. Apps for losing weight, track eating or exercise habits. Some people wrote that they had sex, but their privacy settings weren’t right so their information went public. Discussion of our eroding privacy, and how perhaps one day everything will be out there and taboos will fall. Late submission for Father of the Year who did a Do-It-Yourself-Space-Station for his kid.