TYT 12.27.12 Hour 1

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Hour 1
Segment 1
Tim Geithner fear mongering on fiscal cliff and debt ceiling fears. VIDEO of Harry Reid calling Boehner a dictator. Senator Crapo pulled over for drunk driving. He’s mormon. Other Idaho politicians arrested for DUI. Lisa Jackson stepping down from EPA. Brian Schatz is the new Senator from Hawaii. They went from Akaka and Inouye with about 70 years of experience to two new Senators with one day of experience. Jokes about Crapo, Schatz (and Akaka).

Segment 2
Obama has given in on fiscal and environmental issues. Now how has he done on media. He’s done very little to expand broadband access. Diversity in media has gone backward. Obama FCC Chair proposed relaxing media ownership rules to allow Murdoch to buy LA Times and Chicago Tribune. Obama is a strong politician in the campaign, but on policy he is weak by design because he also supports the establishment and the rich and powerful. Netflix pushed for an amendment to the Video Privacy Protection Act, to allow the users to share online viewing habits. A corporation asked for a favor and it passed the Senate unanimously. Democrats wanted to add a provision to maintain privacy in emails; hypocritical Republicans killed this. Reports of how FBI infiltrated the Occupy Wall Street movement. Zero Dark Thirty. Why did they use torture in the movie when the use of torture did not play a role in getting bin Laden. Torture doesn’t work.

Segment 3
Chuck Hagel support growing among former officers. Some Republicans support Hagel, so there is a chance he will get through. Only the neo-cons are against him.