TYT 12.26.12 Hour 1

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Hour 1
Segment 1
Cenk promotes Turk of the Year. Cenk promotes Wolf-PAC and announces a matching donation process. Cenk compares how HSBC gets off free for corrupt practices but a defenseless and innocent African-American woman goes to jail for life for a third strike that she didn’t even commit. New York State firefighter shooter. VIDEO of Frank Luntz saying the NRA is out of touch with the government on gun control. Polls showing how much even gun owners support reasonable gun restrictions. VIDEO of Cory Booker talking about gun control. Cenk says Booker is ok on some things but watch out for him as the 2nd coming of Obama; he’s in the pocket of Wall Street.

Segment 2
Armed coup at Freedom Works back in September. He ousted two members under threat of gun. VIDEO of Maria Bartaromo defending the rich, and yelling at the Democrat.

Segment 3
Frank Luntz VIDEO confirms that people think Republicans are fighting for the rich and big business. Senate corporatist Democrats are in panic over going over the fiscal cliff. Video of Kent Conrad selling out. Democrats and Republicans are on the same team. Ezra Klein analysis of fiscal cliff situation. HSBC in trouble for money laundering (Cenk says LIBOR scandal), now being sued by Atlanta area counties for predatory lending practices. Data that show that the bank mortgage lending practices contributed to much higher foreclosure rates than before the crisis. UBS was involved in the LIBOR scandal, and the only guy who has gone to jail was a black guy. Chuck Hagel in trouble with his possible nomination as Secretary of Defense. VIDEO of Aaron David Miller, a State Department official, on whether Hagel is anti-semitic or not.