TYT 12.21.12 Hour 1

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Hour 1
Segment 1
Cenk, John and Ben hosting. Wayne LaPierre’s NRA press conference. He wants to register people with mental illness. Discussion of how the NRA gained its power. VIDEO of hecklers at NRA.

Segment 2
Kansas congressman Huelskamp talking about gun control with Joe Scarborough VIDEO. Is Scarborough angling to be Bloomberg’s running mate in 2016. Robert Bork’s support of censorship. Michael Moore interview on Current. Is there a racial component to the pervasiveness of guns in America. Nomination of John Kerry to be Secretary of State. Scott Brown is the leading candidate for Kerry’s Senate seat.

Segment 3
David Silverman on Sean Hannity VIDEO and his ad encouraging people to not go to church. VIDEO of O’Reilly saying that Silverman cannot explain the tides going in and out.