TYT 12.20.12 Hour 1

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Hour 1
Segment 1
John Boehner decided to do a Plan B instead of the Grand Bargain; his plan would raise taxes on people who earn above $1 million. His Plan B was not able to pass; not even brought it up for vote. Poll shows Americans find Republican Party to be extreme. Despite all of Obama’s advantages, the Democrats are going to concede mostly to the Republicans anyway. Nancy Pelosi considers using chained CPI to be a strengthening of Social Security. She is making the Republican arguments for them. Boehner’s Merlot/cigarette insult of Obama. FoxNews conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton and her Benghazi concussion. Imagine if the left said these things about Republicans. Cenk agrees that Clinton is avoiding the Benghazi issue.

Segment 2
The Republicans are at a low level of popularity. If we got money out of politics, the Republican party would collapse. There are 102 progressives who signed a letter refusing to agree to Social Security cuts in a Grand Bargain. VIDEO of Pete DeFazio saying we should just let all of the Bush tax cuts expire. Chuck Hagel’s possible nomination to the Secretary of Defense. Man who wants to set a mosque on fire in Toledo, Ohio. LIBOR scandal.

Segment 3
Morris the Asshat, pastor from Tennessee, makes points about gun control on VIDEO. Westboro Baptist Church compared to Mike Huckabee. Also Newt Gingrich saying that the absence of God is the cause. Little kid killed by his Dad by accident in a gun accident.