TYT 12.19.12 Hour 1

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Hour 1
Segment 1
Cenk hosting. President Obama’s terrible Grand Bargain negotiations. Earlier in the year Obama said that if he won, the Republicans would come around and work with him. They aren’t doing so. VIDEO of Obama saying the Republicans keep finding ways to say “no” and that perhaps they just don’t want to say “yes” to him. Obama’s weakness is hurting the negotiations. VIDEO of Obama conceding that he moved his proposal to “the middle” and the Republicans still didn’t accept. VIDEO of Obama talking about Boehner’s caucus. Obama saying people are looking for a balanced approach (VIDEO) but that is not true; people are not looking for drastic cuts in medicare and SS. Graph of people’s preference. Raising taxes on people who make more than $250,000 is the number one preference, and Obama has given this away. Markos made the point that Obama’s approval ratings go down when he gives in to the Republicans. Cenk says that the Republicans have no leverage, but they make up leverage issues (like the debt ceiling and unemployment insurance) and Obama falls for it. Example: Jim Bunning’s position to stop unemployment insurance.

Segment 2
2nd Amendment history. The 2nd amendment was not intended to give individuals the right to bear arms. NRA. Orrin Hatch. Warren Burger. Antonin Scalia. Brilliant and successful propaganda campaign to make the gun manufacturers more money. Tim Scott. Wanted to build a monument to aborted fetuses. He talks in a VIDEO about mental health, but that is a distraction to make people not talk about guns. VIDEO of Rick Scott with Soledad O’Brien.
Cenk predicts there will be legislation limiting bullets in magazines and tightening up reporting requirements, but there will be no assault weapons ban.

Segment 3
Comparing the Newtown CT massacre to the killing children in drone strikes.