TYT 12.18.12 Hour 1

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Hour 1
Segment 1
Jimmy Dore and Ben hosting. Michael Shure helping for one segment. Story about the possible outline of a fiscal cliff deal between Obama and Boehner. Social Security cuts coming. Daniel Inouye passed away.

Segment 2
Jim DeMint left the Senate and Gov. Haley named Congressman Tim Scott to take the seat. What this appointment reflects about the Republican party. “Fair is a relative word.” His record on being fiscal prudent is not valid. Larry Pratt VIDEO comments on gun control, on Hardball. The point that even the NRA would probably support some gun control (like prohibition on bazookas) so that we are only talking about the degree of gun control we need. Rick Perry VIDEO wants to arm Texas school teachers.

Segment 3
VIDEO of Fox News talking about video games. Video of Chuck Todd. Stats that countries with higher video game use has lower incidences of violence. Jimmy Dore rant about God testing us by killing those kids. Rahm Emmanuel said to Holder Shut the Fuck Up about gun control.