TYT 12.17.12 Hour 1

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Hour 1
Segment 1
Cenk hosting. Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, CT. What are we going to do about it? Shootings since the Sandy Hook massacre. Other countries have movies and video games, but the US still has more violent assaults. VIDEO of Louie Gohmert defending gun rights. VIDEO of Mike Huckabee says that we removed God from our schools, leading to this shooting. Cenk rants against Huckabee’s comments. Comparing gun deaths in Japan and Australia and the US. Australia passed a sweeping and very restrictive gun control law after a massacre.

Segment 2
VIDEO of Tom Ridge blaming culture and video games. Gov. Hickenlooper of CO also blames video games VIDEO. Compilation by Roland Woerner of Obama speaking and the kids who died. Attempts to pass gun control legislation in the past have been killed. When Holder suggested reinstituting the assault weapons ban, Rahm Emmanuel cursed him. VIDEO of Obama’s speech on the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy. He has been absent on the issue for his entire Presidency. Obama VIDEO compilation of his empty words after past shooters. Obama says he can do things, but he actually has made gun control laws LESS restrictive. Obama wrote an editorial that he expanded gun rights, allowing guns in National Parks and on Amtrak. Brady Center gave him an F on gun control in 2009.

Segment 3
How easily does the NRA buy our politicians? They only paid $600,000 to politicians, and $5 million. Fiscal Cliff negotiations. Washington Post article says that Obama is giving in to Boehner. This reporting indicates that Obama will agree to cut social security. And that Obama will only raise taxes on those who earn more than $1,000,000. Obama has given up on the $250,000 limit that he ran his campaign on.