TYT 12.14.12 Hour 2

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Hour 2
Segment 1
Ana joins Cenk & Ben for SCS. Conservatives are coming out advocating for more guns and have cited the mass knife attack in China that injured 22 kids. Gun related homicides in the U.S. vs the comically low numbers in Japan. Video of ESPN’s Rob Parker asking whether or not RGIII is a down brother or a cornball brother. Cenk and Ben think he should be suspended, while Jayar thinks he should be fired for the comments. A Superior Court Judge dismissed a sexually abused woman’s right to prosecute her attacker because he claims she didnt fight back enough. The consequence for his horrific ruling is that he had to promise to never make another like that again.

Segment 2
Of nearly 14,000 peer reviewed climate articles, only 24 denied the reality of climate change.

Segment 3
Ridiculous video of a local Virginia report on a man that robbed a bank with a Mitt Romney mask. Video of a N. Korean news anchor that excitedly reported the launching of a missile. According to a Pew poll, more Americans are acting more European. This is measured by less bloviating about being the best when in reality, we clearly are not.