TYT 12.13.12 Hour 2

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Hour 2
Segment 1
Ana joins Cenk for SCS. Video of the family of the IKEA Monkey terribly sad over their pet being taken from them. TYT Supreme Court decides whether or not it should’ve been confiscated. Study shows that childhood obesity rates are dropping, but mostly with affluent children. An investigation has discovered that our beef is being contaminated with fecal matter. Its most dangerous to people that like to eat their beef rare.

Segment 2
The CW is premiering a new reality show based on The Hunger Games that pits pairs of young people against each other in the wild for survival and capture. Cenk thinks this is going too far and is playing with fire. Jayar predicts that this reality show will be fake, just like the rest of them. Video of a talk show setting a guest’s hair on fire.

Segment 3
Member Thanks. John McAfee has just landed in the USA today after avoiding Belize authorities regarding the death of a friend. It has also become known that he faked the heart attack in order to buy his atty some time to get him off the hook. The whole reason he left for Belize was to avoid taxes on his hundred million dollar earnings from his spyware software. An overcrowded prison in Brazil is implementing a new rule to allow inmates to get time off their sentence for each book report they write.