TYT 12.13.12 Hour 1

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Hour 1
Segment 1
Cenk hosting today. Videos of the Ukrainian Parliament fighting on their opening day. Susan Rice has withdrawn herself from consideration for Secretary of State. Cenk is annoyed that the Dems have given in to Republicans without a fight, just threats. HSBC was caught dealing with some of the top drug lords, cartels, and Al Qaeda with a money laundering scheme. Instead of these bankers being arrested and labeled the terrorists that they are, they have skirted all punishment because we are afraid of the negative effects shutting this huge bank down. To juxtapose the HSBC story, Cenk tells the story of a 27 year old woman sentenced to life in prison for holding some money and drugs for her boyfriend.

Segment 2
Cenk has a few more thoughts about the HSBC story. Eric Holder has been one of the worse DOJ heads of all time. There are significant signs that Assad could be on his way out of Syria. One of these signs is that the rebels have reached the capital. Video of a 17 year old kid risking his life to try to save a woman shot by a sniper in Syria. More evidence of the reality of torture and its lack of effectiveness, despite Conservatives’ latest push to claim that it helped catch Osama bin Laden. Obama’s fight to close Gitmo has a lot of opposition from Congress. Kelly Atyotte and Lindsey Graham spoke very disrespectfully of his promise to veto their bills to make Gitmo permanent.

Segment 3
More details have surfaced in the Steven Crowder union fight. The NY Times noticed that the man attacking Crowder was somehow thrown to the ground before retaliating on Crowder. A State Agriculture Dept employee said that Crowder was trying to agitate anyone to start a fight with him. It’s also puzzling that Crowder refuses to press charges on the attacker. The Hill reports more Congressional staffers coming forward with stories of being verbally abused by Rep Virginia Foxx.