TYT 12.12.12 Hour 2

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Hour 2
Segment 1
Ana joins Cenk for SCS. Wolf of the Month from Wolf PAC. After Googling herself, Ana ran across a fan-created video of her and Cenk dancing. The Drudge Report’s front page had a picture of Tarantino with “N*GGER” written seven times, related to his new movie, Django Unchained. A Black local news meteorologist responded to a viewer’s rude complaint about her hair. After she responded in a very thoughtful way, she was fired for not following the company’s policy of not responding to the comments on Facebook. A new study shows that female fish get turned on by male fish mating with each other. They get turned on because it gives the females a sense of the males that are good to mate with.

Segment 2
Live Stream comments. A Wisconsin father of 9 kids has been ordered to stop having kids until he can afford his child support. A Christian radio show host thinks that they should punch the bully Atheists in the mouth. Rick Perry was speaking about how he’d like to strengthen the ban on abortion in Texas, by taking more rights away from women. As Anne Hathaway arrived to the premiere of Les Miserables, she was photographed getting out of the car without panties on. Ana is big on women always wearing panties.