TYT 12.12.12 Hour 1

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Hour 1
Segment 1
Cenk hosting today. More on the AFP tent being taken down in the middle of the union protest in Michigan and Steven Crowder’s agitation that led to him being punched. Videos of Crowder on F&F gloating about his encounter. After Crowder’s Bane impression, Cenk shows him his own impression. He also challenged him to an MMA fight. FEC documents show that O’Reilly’s producer, Jesse Waters gave $500 to the Obama campaign even though he bashes him on a daily basis. New proposed law in Michigan states that we won’t apply foreign law in our country, referring to Sharia Law. The man that proposed the bill has some senseless thoughts of Muslims. They had the fake ex-terrorist Kemal Saleem speak at an event. Texas schools are afraid that Muslims are infiltrating and indoctrinating their educational system. After they got their results back from investigating Islam, they found that Christianity is flooded in their system. The only leanings were AGAINST Islam.

Segment 2
Videos of Bill O’Reilly and Pastor Jeffress complaining that Christian leaders aren’t fighting the War on Christmas enough. Video of Allen West detailing how Obama’s policy of fairness & opportunity is Marxist and Communist. Audio of former Republican Party Chair in Texas Cathie Adams calling Obama a Marxist. Video of Barbara Walters asking Chris Christie if his weight problems would keep him out of the White House.

Segment 3
The top 5 lies of the year were all carried out by Conservatives, 4 of which were done by Mitt Romney. Cenk goes over the normalcy of lies Republicans tell everyday, about big issues. One example is Gov Rick Snyder of Michigan. Video of the details of the shooting in Portland last night. The top 3 countries with the number of guns/100 people are Yemen, Pakistan, and USA, with us topping the other two by a significant margin. Nearly 89 guns per 100 people is our statistic.