TYT 12.11.12 Hour 1

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Hour 1
Segment 1
Cenk hosting today. The latest on the Michigan Right to Work battle to diminish the power of the unions. Video of comedian and Fox News contributor going in and riling up the protestors, only to get punched. Cenk points out how it was obvious that Gov Snyder was duping Michiganders the whole time. Video of Weider explaining in the past the Republicans’ entire plan to get rid of the unions. Videos of Gov Snyder claiming that bringing about Right to Work is good for workers and unions. The last leg of the plan by the corporate big wigs is to pit the workers against each other. Video of workers doing just that. It has just been discovered that the executives already raided the workers’ pensions at Hostess.

Segment 2
A new movie that depicts the manhunt for Osama bin Laden shows torture, which prompted Joe Scarborough to claim that torture led to the killing of bin Laden. The makers of the movie and John McCain gave differing opinions. The woman that was an intricate part in tracking down Bin Laden wasn’t given a promotion for complaining about not being recognized. Video of Hannity being offended by Jamie Foxx’s comedy about the new movie he’s in where he kills all the White people that did him wrong. Jayar talks about why “reverse racism” doesn’t make any sense.

Segment 3
A poll conducted about Santa Claus. The homeless rate has fallen by 17%, which sparked a comparison of how much it would cost to end homelessness. It would be less than how much we spend on Christmas decorations. Dick Morris would send out newsletters to paid supporters, including his prediction that Romney would win. The organization NewsMax gave tons of the $1.7 million from Super PACs to Dick Morris for his bogus thoughts. Republican campaign professional Scott Trantor admitted that they think Voter ID laws and longer lines help them out. Justice Scalia openly declared that having moral feelings against homosexuality is the same as having moral feelings against murder.