TYT 12.10.12 Hour 2

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Hour 2
Segment 1
Ana and John Iadarola hosting the SCS hour. Fox News is trying to paint Psy in a bad light since his popularity is rising. They showed a video of a performance he made years ago against the government after soldiers ran over and killed 2 girls, and were subsequently acquitted. Ana gives him a pass. A raid in India led to the discovery of many slave children aged 5-14 years old, creating Christmas ornaments for western countries. Alabama schools have separated the male students from the female students to give the students a better chance to learn. Climate scientists are trying to find ways to spark the attention of regular Americans to start paying attention with relatable illustrations of what gets eliminated from our effect on the planet. The latest is the shortage of wheat.

Segment 2
A dry cleaners is in trouble for a bad marketing strategy b/c they used their coat hangers to make their anti-abortion message. The paper on the hangers reads, “Choose Life” with a picture of a baby on them. A man has been arrested for sending his ex-wife alimony checks covered in feces. A website has put out mugshots of people debilitated by meth. Researchers have said that these pictures are not an effective deterrent for teenagers thinking of trying meth. Three women at a sports lounge got their receipt that read, “Fat Girls” to label the correct table. Video of the news story about it. Ana can’t believe this became a news story, even though it was a mean thing to do. John doesn’t think they should’ve even been given 25% off.