TYT 12.10.12 Hour 1

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Hour 1
Segment 1
Cenk hosting today. Conservatives are outraged by Obama’s Holiday card that shows Bo, the First Family’s dog instead of a Bible verse or a Christmas tree. Not surprisingly, Bush’s Christmas card and Reagan’s card while in office depicted the family’s dog and snow. Jayar wants the president to have a real dog as the family’s pet on the holiday card, something like a pit bull. The category of voters that check the “none” box when it comes to religion won the election for President Obama. Talk about some countries that limit the freedoms of Atheists, even says they’d be subject to death. In America, despite the fact that its unconstitutional, several states don’t allow people that don’t believe in God to testify at trials.

Segment 2
The Romney campaign can’t accept the news that they lost. His finance chairman boasted that their fundraising was the most successful in history. Cenk talks about how they can’t call it successful since they didn’t win. He attributes it to their pouring money into the Romney campaign after the 1st debate and neglected all of the Congressional races that needed it. He brags that he tweeted it, and it came true. Cenk dispels the myth that Obama is more beholden to small donors instead of the .01% that gave more than 5 figures of donations. Cenk goes after Google for its shell game to avoid taxes. Some are called the Double Irish & the Dutch Sandwich.

Segment 3
Mitt Romney visited Manny Pacquiao before his fight over the weekend and said, “I’m Mitt Romney, I ran for president, but I lost.” Hilarious Pacquiao memes of him knocked out in funny situations. Cenk is over the fiscal cliff talk. Video of Sen Bob Corker admitting that they should give Obama the tax rate hike on the top 2%. Videos of Dick Armey talking about how Boehner has a tough job and how his group, FreedomWorks isn’t to blame for the losers they backed in the election. The Guardian released their list of the People of the Year, with Bradley Manning taking the title.