TYT 12.6.12 Hour 2

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Hour 2
Segment 1
Ana and Kim Horcher host SCS hour. A NYC artist created images of drones dropping bombs on citizens, which led to his arrest. Video of the artist voicing his concerns over our newest strategies to kill ‘enemies.’ A judge in Oklahoma City allowed a 17 year old convicted of manslaughter to serve 10 years of going to church instead of jail time. An organization in the Netherlands is offering a one-way trip to Mars, and 1000 people have volunteered to do it.

Segment 2
A teenaged soccer player with tourettes syndrome got angry at the ref’s call and told him to fuck off, which cost him penalties including 25 pounds. TYT Supreme Court on whether or not he should be excused for the outburst. Snoop Dogg did the Reddit “Ask Me Anything” series and his answers about marijuana were telling. The potential adverse effects on eating fish that contain mercury has prompted the government to tell people they should limit the amount of fish they consume. Ana wonders why we’re not talking about what the coal industry is doing to our waters that the fish live in.

Segment 3
The Belgian tradition of having Black Pete accompany Santa Claus has them under scrutiny. John McAfee of the anti-virus software has finally been captured and has been hospitalized. Harvard is promoting a kinky organization on campus.