TYT 12.6.12 Hour 1

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Hour 1
Segment 1
Cenk hosting today. Rep Virginia Foxx was reportedly seen yelling at a junior Congressional staffer for using an elevator that was supposedly only for Members. Laura Ingraham’s newsletter posted a piece complaining about President Obama inviting MSNBC hosts to the White House. It even imagined how Liberals would lose their minds if President Bush had invited Conservatives to the WH for a private meeting. Crazily enough, when President Bush was in office, he invited Fox News personalities to talk with him in the White House as well as…..Laura Ingraham. When called out on the hypocrisy, Ingraham’s staffer that wrote the newsletter responded and stood by his words, clarifying that the circumstances of the meeting were different. Senator DeMint has decided to leave the Senate to work for the Heritage Foundation because he is one of the least wealthy Senators and because his leadership of the dried up Tea Party is useless.

Segment 2
In 1993, when Bill Clinton was looking to raise taxes, the Heritage Foundation opposed it, claiming that we’d lose jobs because of it. Cenk reads quotes from Boehner and McConnell that are exactly the same things they say today. Video of Rep LaTourette talking about how the Republicans in the House are beginning to admit that Obama may have won on tax rate hikes.

Segment 3
Frank Gaffney and Sen Jim Inhofe spoke about how they were outraged by Obama’s stance against the world having nuclear weapons. Inhofe insinuated that Obama and Libs would rather have no military. Glenn Beck is starting a reality show with Vince Vaughn, called The Persuit of Truth. Hannity came after Ed Asner for him donating his voice to a cartoon for California Teachers that depicted a rich guy peeing on regular folks. After Palestine won a level of recognition in the UN, Israel responded by violently holding $100 million that was donated for the Palestine Authority from outside sources. They also decided to build E1 Settlements in the West Bank that would cut off Palestine and destroy the 2 state solution.